Review: Ace of Shades

If you liked Caraval, you MUST check this out.

38423521Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I gobbled this book up in 2 days. I absolutely adored this story. I can’t wait to purchase a copy and read it over and over again.

Enne: (pronounced like the letter ‘N’, short for Erienne). Enne was fantastic! I wouldn’t find her memorable, but I enjoyed supporting every single train of thought she had. She was easily agreeable and had a non-problematic bone in her body. Hooray!

Levi: the Iron Lord; a 17 year old gang-leader. Completely unrealistic, but the magic of New Reynnes allows him to be so high and mighty. His navigation to alcohol made if far more believable that he was a mob boss. I found Levi compassionate. He was great to read– and hey! Fun fact! He’s bi! And it’s great!

Lola: she was the highlight to this book for me. She’s feisty and smart, and I think her “talent”/power is the coolest of them all: a bloodgazer. She can determine your talents and heritage by smearing your blood over her eyes. I want to know more about why she dies her hair Dove white, if she’s not in favour of any gang. Her backstory was short, and I’d gladly read more about it.

Vianca Augustine: fuck. this. biiiiich. Oh my lord. What a bad witch. She’s cunning and cruel and reminds me of an evil Meryl Streep, like when she was in The Devil Wears Prada. I can’t wait to see her be burnt to the stake.

Chez: Chez was Levi’s 3rd-in-command, but he mutinied. He’s a little shit and I kept waiting for a larger reason for his betrayal, but nothing came. He just wanted to be a leader. His character fell flat to me.

Sedric Torrens: OOOOOOOOOOOOH MY (crime) LOOOOORDY LORD. Hey, yo… he a pedo. That was a great issue to tackle in YA, but what I loved was his role in the final day (Day 10). His showdown with Enne was EPIC. I was afraid he was the man at the end with the one eye. But of course, Foody clears that up to us shortly after.

Consider this Caraval 2.0; but with more magic and actual crime. It’s like the better version of Caraval (and I LOVED Caraval). Caraval was more airy-fairy about love and finding your sister, whilst this book explored way heavier themes with kickass magic. Hell. To. The. Yeah.

This book is constructed as a countdown, from 10 days. Levi is in debt to Sedric Torrens, and his pyramid scheme failure will finally be over once he pays off this final guy. However, of course, Day 10 turns out to be much more eventful than simply repaying some investor.

– Values/ethics
– Bisexuality
– Adoption
– Heritage
– Politics: monarchy vs republic
– Child homelessness
– Child abuse
– Sexual abuse
– Drug abuse
– Crime
– Fate


Do not show them your fear.

I was expecting a much larger cliffhanger, but I’m still keen. It ends with (view spoiler) entering the scene. I predict book 2 will be fun because of the exploration of magic, but the actual quest/adventure itself will be lacklustre.

Yes hi I have just found out I certainly have a fetish for books to do with gambling motifs???

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