Popular Books I Didn’t Enjoy

Want to know the worst stories I’ve ever read? Here’s a list of 11 not-so-sweet memories from some wildly popular authors, including John Green and Rainbow Rowell.

Please note these are simply personal preference, and I totally respect if you enjoy any of these books/authors!!! 😀


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

One thought on “Popular Books I Didn’t Enjoy”

  1. oh gosh john green oof. don’t get me started on him because he’s just so pretentious and I can’t with him.

    ahhaha after seeing the winner’s curse on your goodreads I actually started the novel and ZOOMED through all three books in three days. I found it a lot different than maas just because the heroine wasn’t so kick ass and was had more strength brain-wise? it definitely gets better though!

    oooh i’m reading pretties right now and it’s going okay. it’s like the most classic dystopia though, so I have to read it sometime.

    the lunar chronicles were probably the first ya books I ever read so they hold a super dear place in my heart. the beginning is SO CLICHE but there’s a ton more that gets introduced later. but yeah, i’m a sucker for Cinderella.

    but noooooo fangirl!! I get landline because that was more adult? but I LOVE fangirl it’s my go to read when i’m feeling very anxious about life in general, reading it is very therapeutic for me. it’s like the second ya book i read outside of the lunar chronicles, which is probably why.

    ms peregrine’s was ehhh I still haven’t read the last 2 books because I only read it to watch the movie (which basically smushed all the books together?). it’s just not my cup of tea.

    but ahh loved the video! maybe block out the window from the frame so the light faces you vs. is behind you so the footage will be brighter? I think that might help.

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