Review: Lily and the Octopus

Lily and the OctopusLily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I listened to this book via audiobook. I have never owned a pet so maybe that’s my apathetic attitude to this deranged MC, but I’ll discuss more of that later.

Bloody insane. I knew I hated this book the moment he started pouting when he was at his sister’s wedding: and nobody asked how his dog was. What a self-centred jerk???

Also, he had some seriously disturbing coping mechanisms and habits that made me dislike him. But I also find that he’s one of those gay guys, who like to hate on women. He reasons it’s because his mother never loved him; but he’s just as hypercritical as any white gay man can be.

Too fucking long and melodramatic.

Death, loneliness, mid-life crisis, cancer…

Warning; the dog bloody well dies. And I’m glad it did; Lily’s poor owner was basically torturing it to live, for his own selfish reasons. The dog was in PAIN. And yet he couldn’t euthanise it. At the end of the day; he was sad he lost his companion’s attention. Guess what??? He can just buy another damn dog. He didn’t love the actual dog’s personality, in fact this book includes frequently disturbing imaginary conversations and dinner dates with the dog, in which he superimposes another friendly character into.

If I ever end up like this guy; shoot me. And now I know that some people are just that selfish on their own feelings, they discount the other’s wellbeing for the sake of “love”.

I hated this guy.

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