Review: The Traitor’s Game

The Traitor's Game Book 1: The Traitor's GameThe Traitor’s Game Book 1: The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer A. Nielsen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I listened to this audiobook via Bolinda Library, and it took me just under a week to complete it. It was surprisingly gripping, and the world was phenomenal. It was very long and had a high element of fantasy, which was lovely!

Kestra: is our main protag, who is spirited and wise, but shows great similarity to Celeana in Crown of Midnight. It’s not necessarily the best female representation, but she is kick-butt and not a damsel in distress (… well she is: but she doesn’t want a prince to save her).

Simon: is one of her kidnappers, and also her love interest. He’s pretty two-dimensional but has a great backstory which frames the climax of the novel. He’s the atypical brooding YA romantic lead, and it was not pleasant to read. But, he wasn’t as cliche by the end of the novel (hooray!).

Trina: is AMAZING. Her arc was phenomenal. She was unpredictable and snarky and was the perfect frenemy for our protag, Kestra.

I adored the unravelling of the world, the politics of magic, and the prophecy that was found in the dungeons. It’s a timeless tale of fantasy and adventure. I loved it overall, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend listening to it!

This book was surprisingly long! I enjoyed how in depth the setting is, and we see all classes on the feudal system interact with Kestra’s prophecy.

– Destiny
– Family Loyalty
– Lost Mothers
– An Overthrow of the Monarchy

I wish I could quote the prophecy but it’s really hard to get things word-for-word from an audiobook!

To be frank, the ending was a bit too chaotic and rushed. But I did enjoy how the narration revealed new perspectives by the end. The readers were kept in the dark just like Kestra, which was a perfect way to engage us in her quest!

I’ll certainly listen to the following sequels and look forward to seeing Trina and Kestra’s destiny fulfilled. I won’t be bothered if Simon and Kestra’s romance fizzles out.

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HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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