Anticipated YA Spring Releases 2018

Here’s nine books I’m super excited for, that are being released during September to November! 🌸🌷

For many of you, fall is right around the corner. For me, however, it is time for hayfever galore! I’ll be in the mood for contemporaries and sweet romances. Alas, the publishing houses go by the northern hemisphere mood, but fear not! These suggestions will be friendly for both Poles!


Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan

Release date: 4th of September

What it’s about: This debut novel is a stand-alone sci-fi, about a notorious female criminal pilot. She rebels against the “Olympus Commonwealth” (sound familiar) but she hasn’t been able to hide after her latest attack! She’s now forced under the reign of the Commonwealth, and develops sympathy for the other side.

Why I’m excited: I freaking love Sci-Fi novels with bad-ass leading ladies. The premise reminds me of Tris training with the Dauntless initiates. I’m not keen for the impending romance with “their charming Flight Master, Knives”.

Wildcard (Warcross #2) by Marie Lu

Release date: 18th of September

What it’s about: This is the sequel to the amazing Warcross. I rated the first instalment 5/5 stars. We see how far Emika (our main protag) will go to discover the truth behind her boyfriend’s business.

Why I’m excited: Simply because I enjoyed the first book so much. I think this book will follow Middle Book Syndrome, but of course I’m going to continue following Emika’s story.


Unbroken: 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens by Marieke Nijkamp

Release date: 18th of September

What it’s about: This is an anthology, written by popular YA authors who’ve written; This Is Where It Ends, The Last Leaves Falling, and The DUFF. Each author explores debilitating lives of teens, struggling with disadvantages in the world.

Why I’m excited: This anthology gives representation to teens who often resort to books as comfort. As a teen who grapples with mental illness, I look forward and hope that an array of disabilities are represented, including; mental, physical and intellectual.


The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy (Montague Siblings #2) by Mackenzi Lee

Release date: 2nd of October

What it’s about: This is the sequel to my current read; The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. It follows the more interesting sibling, Felicity, as she tries to break the gender roles of her time and attend medical school.

Why I’m excited: Felicity’s love for reading makes her relatable, and I enjoy her voice of reason.


Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Release date: 2nd of October

What it’s about: Similar to Ironheart (by Jodi McAlister), everybody believes two best friends killed a girl. However, they didn’t do it. Or did they? They sure as hell don’t know. Let’s read this spooky book that is basically what Pretty Little Liars should have been, without all the high-school drama.

Why I’m excited: I LOVE LOVE LOVE psychological thrillers. They’re as spooky as I get. This will be my Halloween themed read for October <3.


Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass #7) by Sarah J. Maas

Release date: 23rd of October




Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

Release date: 6th of November

What it’s about: Similar to the plot line of the Belles, a selection of beautiful girls are chosen to serve the royals. However, this year, nine girls were selected. Lei deals with trauma from her past, which suddenly repeats in her current predicament as the ninth beauty.

Why I’m excited: This will most likely be the most diverse YA story I’ll read for 2018: it’s queer and has Asian folktale sewn throughout.


Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Release date: 6th of November

What it’s about: A female mechanic has her grandmother knocking on her front door, asking for her to be in the debutante ball. That’s pretty much it.

Why I’m excited:  I want to delve into pretty girly things, okay? This is so well suited for Spring. I want to feel the pretty femineity seep into my pours.


Outrun the Wind by Elizabeth Tammi

Release date: 27th of November

What it’s about: This is loosely based off the life of Artemis (sister of Apollo, Goddess of the Hunt).

Why I’m excited:  for a multitude of reasons: 1. Artemis is a gay. 2. Greek mythology. 3. Pretty girls running in the woods being magical.


And there you guys have it. My anticipated spring reads for 2018. 

What releases are you looking out for in this upcoming season? Comment down below.


Author: Cal's Reading Corner

HSIE teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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